Anbu is an artist by training, a designer by profession, and a photographer by aptitude. All his pictures are stylish, full of romance, and show his enjoyment of life and people. He is someone who specializes in making your special moments memorable. His is work you frame. His pictures will occupy pride of place in your homes and hearts. Not because he is good, he is, but because he sees you the way the world sees you. Anbu uses his imagination, creativity, experience, and professionalism to capture your important moments and your unique expressions. Anbu works on his pictures to get more variations and frames. His skills in Graphic Designing and Fine Arts help him get the best out of his pictures. The result is art that is original, natural, and distinctly you.

His sense of class and style makes him one of the best wedding photographers in India today. This fun, open, witty, unassuming, friendly photographer in Bangalore loves to forge relationships with his clients.
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Bangalore, Karnataka

Anbu jawahar